Ty Lomes


Ty Lomes, owner and manager of Snug Harbor

Paying tribute to the past while being realistic about the future, Ty has built a prominent sailing community on the Blake Sea. A comprehensive experience, he shares entertainment, events, and hospitality.

Highlights from his article embellish overviews by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier.


“When we started, we carved homestead sims into unique settings. The community looked amazing—like a perfect painting! But it was impossible for rent to cover the costs.  People did not want to live in our painting. They wanted to create their own paintings. We moved from  ‘it is all set, just park your boat and live here,’ to ‘build your own place, but follow our construction rules.’ (We do need to keep them from making incompatible choices that might hurt other tenants, or the public facilities.) Rentals have not worked; self development has.”

ARTICLE by Ty Lomes, published by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier:

Legacy and Longevity



Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.

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