Sparkie Cyberstar

LS-experiment-sparkie-szSparkie Cyberstar, musician manager and photographer

Bringing business management experience in-world, Sparkie adds her love of music and visuals to develop hidden talents. Scouting for the most original musicians and most fantastic sims, she is forever on a quality quest.

Highlights from her article that embellishes overviews by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier.


SL is very different from my real life. I had never thought about managing musicians or being a photographer outside of the virtual world. Now, I work in-world full time. I do use my real life skills from years as business manager, which I needed to leave for health reasons. Although I can not live off of what I make in SL, at least I do not use any real life money. SL gives me the opportunity to have a new career. My avatar, Sparkie, is high maintenance—always in the best clothes, shoes, hair, and buying stuff for my SL buildings, that I redo often. With a home tier and venue tier too, SL bills exist. Pursuing photography is new for me. I love to travel around SL. I hope to attract some clients, though I have no gallery as yet. I need a creative outlet too. —Sparkie Cyberstar, musician manager and photographer

ARTICLE by Sparkie Cyberstar, published by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier:

Supporting the Stage”    

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Sim Street Journal explores the relevance of virtual to real commerce and culture.







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