Megan Prumier


Megan Prumier, entrepreneur and owner of Crimarizon

Like a ray of light in a dark, apocalyptic world, Megan is a builder who stands on the edge of personal preference and supplies the settings for societal fantasies. Her niche hits the heart of the virtual world’s strengths—role play, simulations, and fun.

Highlights from her articles embellish overviews by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier.


“Initially, I worked very hard building my stuff. Now I have enough items that I can relax a bit and build only when really inspired. It is possible to come and go because scripts work for the business when I am off- line. I have a rezzer that shows people my buildings; I don’t need to be present for them to shop. I just check in to see if a customer needs help.”

ARTICLES by Megan Prumier, published by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier:

IN-WORLD: “Ruins to a Better Life”

ONLINE: “The Dark and the Light


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.






Sim Street Journal explores the relevance of virtual to real commerce and culture.






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