Bones Writer


Bones Writer, musician and owner of Trax

Balancing a successful musical career with an in-world outlet was not enough for Bones. He pioneered a new concept for musical promotion through his Trax listening booths and is piloting an immersive orchestra that allows listeners to focus on individual instruments.

Highlights from his article that embellishes overviews by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier.


I come here because I love to play and to help other people. Now I have interweaving business concerns. It is hard for many professionals to succeed here. It depends on lifestyle. In real life, I live on an island and travel. I do a lot of music through the Net. In between real life projects, I record, build, play, or produce shows. It is very creative. I do many fun things here, but it stays professional. I can come in, turn on my studio, and play!” —Bones Writer, musician and owner of Trax

ARTICLE by Bones Writer, published by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier:

Oasis of Opportunity”  


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.






Sim Street Journal explores the relevance of virtual to real commerce and culture.






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