Amy Neville

LS-experiment-Amy-szAmy Neville, entrepreneur and marketing manager, Second Ads

Observing what virtual world residents need, Amy helps to turn those needs into games. She also manages a grid-wide ad board system, tying into well-trafficked game locations. By combining free fun with advertising delivery, the two enterprises reinforce each other. 

Highlights from her article that embellishes overviews by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier.


The most common mistake business owners make is trying to copy or clone the ideas of others. But, customers only get excited about new things, not things they have already seen or experienced. Remember that to create an original idea is free. We are successful because we come up with original ideas, and work hard to evolve them. Discover an original idea, then pour your talent and passion into it, and you’ll achieve success. Being original is very easy—just have to learn to think differently. Question everything, and soon you’ll see gaps in the market big enough to walk an elephant through. To break into a market just with the idea of doing something better is not enough. You would need a disruptive technology to succeed against stiff competition. Skills are everything.

“To succeed, an entrepreneur has to be constantly learning and constantly being forced to improve. Not only is a range of skills needed, there needs to be quality performance in all of them. Having a range of skills protects from too many people entering the market to compete. So essentially, an entrepreneur has to be everything at once.


“Prioritizing the different initiatives is a major challenge. We have about five different projects in active development, and maybe ten more in the conceptual stage. All are totally new to the SL scene. I have short-term ones to improve customer experience. I have medium-term ones, such as developing new products. And, I have long-term ones that involve portalling out of SL into new businesses, entirely. SL will not last forever.”

—Amy Nevilly, entrepreneur and marketing manager, Second Ads

ARTICLE by Amy Neville, published by Liane Sebastian/ Eleanor Medier:

Ear to the Ground

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