About Wisdom of Work

Wisdom of Work explores blending creativity with commerce for communication decision-makers. Written for nonprofit directors and entrepreneurs, creative professionals will also relate to the topics.

Liane Sebastian has a passion for publishing.
Graphic designers are generalists. Compelled from an insatiable curiosity, the profession is as much of a service as it is an art. I have worked in sixteen different sectors and with every client, design must reflect their business philosophy, culture, and personality. It means I get to know each client organization as if I were employed there. (Please see my portfolio.)
From a job that is 1/2 psychology, through observation and comparison, I authored three books about design and publishing. Writing about client experiences adds a dimension to my practice and offers a complimentary career path. Just released, Women who Win at Work, carries my business experience further into the executive suite, and is now available in bookstores.
My books and my writing here are centered around discovering the underlying wisdom from experience and from those that I admire. The purpose of this blog is to capture and express innovative ideas. To:
1. Explore the marriage of creativity and business
2. Express publishing ideas and design approaches
3. Experiment and learn from crafting new media
4. Exchange best practice ideas with colleagues
5. Extend useful ideas that readers can apply
Hopefully you will discover concepts that can help you grow your career or business. I invite you to contact me concerning these topics and encourage you to share your comments. If you are a blogger, please let me know your URL for possible exchange. Happy reading! Always inspired, Liane

Please see my graphic design work at www.michaelight.com, my publishing at www.prosperiapublishing.com and my online bookstore at www.wofw.com.
Email me at lsebast999 (at) aol (dot) com.
Liane Sebastian


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