LS-experiment headerThose who thrive in the virtual world all start with an open mind. Like moving to a foreign country, it is wise to learn the native language before finding a job. Further, adapting to an international culture, pace of change, and audience receptivity, all take some observation. And an initiation to learn the conventions, techniques, and short cuts for achieving then defined goals.

What the virtual experiment has to teach extends to enterprises in general. To approach new areas with a mind-set to experiment means pacing investment of time and money. Rather than embark on self-expression, to learn what motivates people to participate, buy, or support, it true anywhere. It is one of the best places ever intended for trying out new ideas and gaining feedback.

Gaining an overview of the landscape before crafting its use will help save time later by knowing who is served and why. What works in the virtual world is reflective, but it is also context-specific and niche-directed.

Many contributors to Sim Street Journal exemplify the open-minded attitudes that lead to later responsive success. Doing homework and following business development practices can sustain growing and connected enterprises.

The landscape is also littered with ghost-towns that didn’t work. The attitude of “build it and they will come” is a myth. Test the water first to see where people tend to go. The easiest way to ride a horse is to go in the direction he was already going.  Second Life® has a culture and a momentum. It has advantages over real life in physical, economic, and efficiency ways. One of its greatest strengths over reality is to test talents, ideas, skills, and validity. (Click on each Contributor to read full quotation):

Form a creative outlet—try new ways to use skills and talents, discover hidden propensities.
In between real life projects, I record, build, play, or produce shows.” —Bones Writer, musician and owner of Trax

Explore new directions—try the ‘road not travelled’ or test new concepts.
SL gives me the opportunity to have a new career.  —Sparkie Cyberstar, musician manager and photographer

Integrate—find connections between ideas and skills to create the most original and resonating options.
I put all together for applications.” —Jan Maroon, owner, Bletaverse

Add progressive ideas—build one upon the other so that success has a momentum.
When I get something to be more useful to me, I package it, and it then becomes my product.” —Machess Lemton, entrepreneur

Respond to change—continue to gain new skills and capabilities.
If I want to learn the stuff I can’t do, then there are facilities in SL to do so.” —KT Syakumi, entrepreneur, owner of IntelliGroup

Connect variety—look for the intersections between pursuits for efficiency and distinction.
Each venture supports the others: production and sales supply the residents’ homes and gardens, entertainment grows the community and promotes the production.Arkad Baxton, entrepreneur and owner, Avatar Social Network

Use media features—understand the capabilities and connections of communication media so they work together in a suite.
Students don’t want to sit in a virtual classroom like they do in real life. They want to do innovative things.Lorraine Stanton/Lorraine Charron, E-learning educational specialist, doctoral candidate, University of North Carolina

Exploit anonymity—try new ideas where reputation is not an issue and ‘failure’ is simply and experiment.
People learn by having an opportunity to make mistakes in a supportive environment.Phelan Corrimal, Rockliffe University

Build confidence—create organizations and practice techniques that can be scaled up into a bigger context.
I do what I love to do and it was a very big surprise for me to see that others could really love it too.Paris Obscur, musician

Discover comprehensive approaches—continue to ask questions and push ideas to potential.
Customers only get excited about new things, not things they have already seen or experienced. Amy Nevilly, entrepreneur and marketing manager, Second Ads


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.

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