Growing Fast!

The growth of Sim Street Journal is totally beyond my expectations! With this new magazine as my passion this summer, I am in Publishing Heaven!

SSJ#1 cover200Sim Street Journal #1 premiered in June, attracting over 1,000 readers. We opened the publishing office in-world, and Quistis Shippe started a Facebook page for the magazine. We quickly learned that half the readers are coming from this incredible communication network! About 1/4 of the readers have migrated from Bowler Business Review, my former passion. And about 1/4 of the readers click on our kiosks that are sprouting up around the Second Life grid. It may be that many of my friends and followers from previous publications can relate to the entrepreneurial spirit behind launching this new venture. I wish to believe it is because readers are as fascinated as I am about seeking the relevance in each world—where the real mirrors the virtual, and vice-versa.

SSJ#2-cover200wSim Street Journal #2 has performed with similar results—attracting about 800 readers, and doubling exposure on Facebook. Premiering in the summer is probably not the wisest timing, so our expectations were not great because readers tend to be spending more time outside on the golf courses or in the swimming pools than glued to their computers. So it is surprising to find so many still in attendance! Our plan is to establish a momentum so that we will be prepared for a higher online population come this fall. It seems, however, that the virtual world is much more active this summer than last.

SSJ#3 cover200Sim Street Journal #3 has just come out a week ago. We are almost at 2,000 readers online, about 700 in-world. The first growth milestone is 3,000 readers, which we hope to meet in a few days.

In the meantime, applying the content through all the media channels is an education in itself! I cover this ongoing evolution this month in:

Virtual Setting” that describes a very original approach to reviewing art.

Dividing Content” where I delve further into what I have learned adapting to new media.

One Potential Realized” where Eleanor Medier, my avatar, discusses her favorite new column and its visual challenge.

Finally, I am most proud of the photo albums I have placed on the Sim Street Journal Facebook page. I hope to do a lot more creative album-placing there.

Similarly, Eleanor Medier’s Facebook page is also expanding as I learn how to navigate through this rather difficult-to learn format. In one week, I have gone from 25 friends to over 400!! Hopefully, they are all readers of Sim Street Journal! Smiles and always inspired, Liane


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