Door Closes, Door Opens

Producing a wrap up issue for Bowler Business Review, I say goodbye to one publication and hello to another. This is not an easy transition, which I chronicle in my various entries this month:

• “New Road to Travel,” which describes the start of The Sim Street Journal

• “Examining Purpose,” which tells about in-world publications and positioning


It was hard to leave Bowler Business Review, but to realize a magazine that can adequately bridge between virtual life and real life, the name has to have meaning to an outside audience. They will read the magazine because the virtual world is a metaphor, not because they care to engage in it (although some will be inspired to do so). The name has to have meaning in both worlds. And, no offense to Jetman Bowler, my client, he is not a real world publishing professional and the name Bowler only is famous in-world.

Starting The Sim Street Journal (patterned after The Wall Street Journal) was not an easy decision, as Bowler Business Review has attained a success of which I derive great pride. With twelve issues behind us, almost 3,000 readers, and finally attaining profitability, this may not seem like a good time to make this change. Yet, if I am ever going to do this, for me, the time has come. So, I hope that you embark on this new journey with me, find The Sim Street Journal worth its every word and image, and that you will share your perceptions. —always inspired, Liane


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