Double Yet Divided

Putting out two publications this month was nuts. It just proves that even experienced professionals can succumb to wishful thinking. Leaving me little time for anything else, other than attendance to a few quick downtown Chicago performances, I have been chained to my computers.

These two projects pushed the design formats of both in opposite directions:

• With a head start on Unforgettable #3, I chose an ambitious and time-consuming design. Trying to give the personality of these role play sims, the authenticity and immersion exemplified enhanced education.

blog-Rocca-blog image600

Inside illustration from Unforgettable Magazine #3.

• With only two weeks to produce Bowler Business Review #11, I had to follow a very simple, even conservative, design. It is not my favorite issue for interior design, though I do believe it is one of my best covers.

blog-BBR#11-cover raw illus600

Cover Illustration for Bowler Business Review #11.

Doubling up like this with a monthly and a bi-monthly produced in the same month is damaging to lifestyle balance. So, in the future, I have some great stream-lining ideas that will put into play for next month. Though I may have wishful thinking in how much I can take on, I do learn from my experiences!

Entries this month include:

Publishing Pioneer

Liane Sebastian Illustration

Eleanor Medier virtual life

Unforgettable Magazine #3

Bowler Business Review #11


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