Finding Efficiency

The best way to learn is to write. Every interview that I conduct, I learn vital things from those I query. This month in Bowler Business Review, I profile two entrepreneurs who not only have their fingers on the pulse of business change, they create the pulse. Managing innovation is a theme throughout my career. I find that performing on the bleeding edge is not profitable. Yet, I always find myself teetering on that edge because being unique is profitable. These two entrepreneurs derive leadership from innovation. Throughout my online formats, I explore this achievement:

Bowler Business Review presents the new issue online. Running the major portrait illustrations, the issue must be downloaded as a PDF to see all the photographs, unless viewed in-world. The PDF takes an extra day or two of work, so I do not yet have #10 online, but will shortly.

Eleanor Medier, my avatar’s blog, discusses what went into obtaining these two profiles. I also discuss behind-the-scenes.

• For my favorite illustration of the month in my portfolio blog, I choose the clock tower from the UWA article.

• It is nice to write about what to learn from success in my Publishing Pioneer professional site this month. I talk about why this issue is a breakthrough for us, and how these ingredients are applicable to any publishing project.

For the shortest month of the year, and the darkest, now that it stays light until 5:00, I feel a renewed energy. It is fun to be working on a startup that is reaching its goals.

—Always inspired, Liane


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