New Year, Evolving Ideas

No creative person can resist doing an assessment on the new year. It is a perfect excuse to learn from recent achievements and emphasize the best results, while stashing the less-than-excellent attempts in the drawer labeled “Learning Experiences.”

So, looking back on 2013, my favorite achievements are expressed in this month’s blogs. If you ask any creative person what is her favorite idea, is it not the one being worked on?

Bowler Business Review heads my achievements for 2013. Producing eight issues of profiles, there is no better way to learn about the possibilities of virtual world business than to gain knowledge directly from those doing it! Nowhere is there a better source for discovering how to blend commerce and culture than in-world! Now with about 2,500 readers, growth is steady.

Unforgettable Magazine has the most potential of any projects currently. It began in the fall, so the second issue has just been released. A bi-monthly, it is heftier than a monthly, so it fills the time assigned to develop!! We gain readers every day. It’s record of growth is exceeding Bowler Business Review‘s first months, and I like to think it is because Bowler Publishing itself is becoming better known.

• Branding design ends the year on a high with the logo for Alexander’s Breakfast & Lunch, a new restaurant in Skokie. Soon I will embark on the menu design which will, hopefully, be one of my favorite projects of 2013. As a specialty, logo design has always been my favorite aspect of being a graphic designer. (See many of my samples in my online portfolio.)

Gallery Medier had a successful collaboration with the Magnolia Center for the Arts in Second Life® last spring. The show was more traditional compared to the show I am planning. For a few months, I have had to put further development on hold while the magazines gained traction. However, I have some new designs I look forward to presenting. Placing products on Marketplace also was a big achievement and does bring in a trickle of income. Now I have to learn how to promote these activities!

2012 brought in new publication opportunities that are establishing momentum. Portrait illustration, logo design, and publication formats swirl around in my mind, marinating, and combining in new ways. This year looks to be an extension of what is started in 2012—but who knows?! My favorite projects remain the ones I am working on—and do they follow me, or do I follow them? —always inspired, Liane


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