to practice or not to practice?

Staying on schedule with a publication is paramount. Better to be shorter and on time than longer and late. Under pressure from the new Unforgettable magazine, now in production for its second issue, Netera Landar was a bit too inspired. It is twice as long as I think an issue should be, so we better work on that. At this moment, I am 3/4 done with the pages for #2, due to come out January 15th.

Then there was Thanksgiving and Christmas—very inconvenient for magazine schedules!! Delays in reaching subjects, gathering images, getting advertiser attention—all become holiday season victims. Of course, I try to have a good time. But, being the dedicated production manager, I feel the days peeling off the schedule like wallpaper over a migrating wall. Holidays may happen, but publication schedules do not change. To compensate, this issue of Bowler Business Review may be short, but packs a punch. Choosing very different entrepreneurs to profile, the comparisons between them have become a theme in itself. Please see:

• Comparative Components that appears in Bowler Business Review #8

• Entrepreneurial Choices overview of topics and profiles.

• Progressive Practices where I compare the article from the  magazine with my own business and its relevance real world.

• Intimidation Inspires from Eleanor Medier’s blog reflecting on the experience of composing the magazine in-world.

• Illustration of illustration about how I approached the profile portraits.

Holidays over, I jump back into the production of Unforgettable #2, hoping to gain in eight months on this new magazine what we have on Bowler Business Review so far. —Always inspired, Liane


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