Racing the Clock

This month, I proudly show the two publications that have been consuming my time and thoughts. Meeting both deadlines, since one is new, has been quite a challenge. Hopefully I have set up infrastructures for both to gain momentum without gaining time.

1-Unforgettable1-coverUnforgettable, launched this month, is the newest product from a seasoned collaboration. I designed the cover to express the visual themes carried out inside. To give it a 1940’s Hollywood glamour, I am influenced by the tinted black and white photography, primary inks, stylized typefaces, and angled compositions, so prevalent of the times.

Please see my avatar’s blog where I further discuss the issue and show samples of the opening theme. This establishes one of the theme designs for the articles that can be adapted per issue.

7BBR-coverBRacing then to get Bowler Business Review #7 done, I chose what turned into a very challenging topic: how Second Life is used educationally. It seems to have such incredible potential, I often feel that virtual worlds will revolutionize the experience and access of education before impacting mainstream business. Please see my illustration blog where I discuss the illustrations done for this issue. Also I explore the themes and challenges in my publishing practices blog.

It was hard to reach the real world organizations that have in-world facilities. I was shocked at the poor signage, empty halls and meeting rooms, echoing with inspiration past. While interviewing for this issues, I learned why. The theme expanded to include lessons learned by two very experienced cyber entrepreneurs–one in fashion and one in finance. The four profiles cover topics of interest for the entire range of those wishing to own cyber businesses. —Always inspired, Liane


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