Narcissism—The Insidious Relationship-Killer

tools of the trade by Liane Sebastian

Psychology is as important to business as money. A few years ago, I was plagued personally by a difficult relationship and soon discovered several friends were similarly tortured by challenging colleagues. In discussion, we used the “N” word with wonderment, vaguely aware of what we were dealing with but with no education, knowledge or experience by which to draw.

So what does any self-respecting person do when confronted with such an obstacle? Seek out the professionals. I hit the web for research, the library, and bookstores. I did not find a lot, but what I did find was so significant, it changed my entire outlook on how many narcissists there are and how best to handle them.

I write about this now because I recently spent several hours listening to a friend go on and on about her frustration with her boss. I have patiently endured my poor sister-in-law venting about her principal where she teaches. And I have also escaped from an abusive relationship personally. In fact, I have been affected by three very charming narcissists in my life who damaged a lot of my trust in human nature: a college boyfriend (I was learning early), a cousin (by marriage), and a boyfriend’s son (who is so clueless he would never read this). Then in business, I found so many that I could write a book about them!

When I did my research a few years ago, I compiled it like any good student. It has helped me so much that I have shared it with friends since, getting strong feedback of appreciation. So I and now offer Narcissist Defense-from Liane Sebastian, hoping you find it helpful to your challenges (as I am convinced we all have to deal with people like this!). As a personality disorder, Narcissism is so pervasive and so devastating, few workers escape having to deal with it on some level.

Sharing stories and how we cope is also very beneficial. I encourage you to comment here so we can learn from each other’s experience, thus offering defenses against potential damage, and helping those we love also not be hurt. Plus I would love to know if this helps you as much as it helps me!

Always inspired—Liane


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One Response to “Narcissism—The Insidious Relationship-Killer”

  1. aftermathofthebrokenhearted Says:

    I can relate entirely to your experiences. This helps me a lot to realize I am not alone. It is very dangerous to get in a serious relationship with these people, they can leave you torn up and lost inside.

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