Seeking Intersections

The difference between “virtual business” and virtual worlds is the social component—it can the platform as a laboratory. The culture of the society determines what can have impact and what is vanity. To find relevance means defining what works in three worlds, not two. I write about this in “Balance to Three Realities.” And the purpose of the magazine that I create, Bowler Business Review, seeks the territory where the three business worlds cross.

As an artist, my focus and devotion to the topic of business is because I believe business is the foundation of everything in society. From business, culture can be supported. So examining how business works in the petrie dish of Second Life® is irresistible. Always in pursuit of meaning, ideas that are successful in one of the three worlds should have a component of success in the others. People are consistent in their interests. But the stratification of audience preferences grows with options. Seeking where the three worlds cross is like separating them into different printer’s plates that when combined, make a complete image.

Liane Sebastian content creator


Or maybe the relationship of the three worlds of physical, cyber, and virtual are more like cars on a highway—agreeing to meet at the bank. The end is the same: to create a business that impacts a lot of people enough to be profitable. The basis of the business either has to fit a gap of need or defeat competition. The sad fact is that few innovators reap the success from implementing their ideas. Few creatives are equally good at business, so those that are can leap ahead, often with less talent but more savvy.

My quest is to be good at both. Certainly I write enough about business to be good at it!! However, my innovative spirit keeps pushing me to the edge of the trends—the bleeding edge.

Watching how people read is where the rubber hits the road in publishing. Reading on laptop screens and tablets and even cell phones treats publications more like software than hardware. As a desigern/illustrator, I feel there is MORE need for excellent graphics, not less. Sadly less is what happens when more people can do it. But in the end, I believe it is excellence that wins. As Bowler Business Review stacks up against its competition, the visual certainly sets it apart the most.

The largest intersection of commonality that I can find between the three worlds has to do with psychology and marketing. Sales principles remain the same though the products and services can vary widely in delivery. What the virtual world does is offer MORE choices, based on the same concepts. —Always inspired, Liane


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