Cleaning House

creative cultivationThis month has me immersed in modular design structures. This has become my favorite kind of design. It is strategic and encompasses varied experiences and talents to be good at it. To support such creativity does require a do-diligence, and summer is a good time to clean up:

glass collection of Liane Sebastian BLOGS: Making some tech changes had unlinked my older images from my blogs and I had to go in and fix up everything. Links also need to be updated. Unless a blog is kept polished, it runs the risk of looking like “post and ghost” which is not a good image for someone who is a professional banner designer! The good news is to see my readership stats increase which is very nice. I redesigned the Publishing Pioneer site and began a new one, lianesebastianillustration, for my image work.

Liane Sebastian Illustration banner

glass collection of Liane Sebastian PUBLISHING: Happily the third issue of Bowler Business Review is out. Immediately I am focused on #4, but I did take the time to get everything updated. Once the new issue hits the kiosks inworld, there is another two days of work to update the exhibits and social media, not to mention the website content! A magazine is never really “finished.” Once the new issue is out, the next issue is already gaining development momentum.

glass collection of Liane Sebastian BLOG-BOOK: Idea Initiator is one of those projects that keeps whispering in my ear that it wants attention. I have tried to ignore it. But like a clever wasp who builds a nest where I can’t find it, Idea Initiator seems to sneak out to buzz around in my mind. It is a concept that I just HAVE to try!! Because I am such a blog lover, I equally love the page—taking a very graphic approach. This site combines the two and I am now in the third revision of this content. Each time I really improve it and make each module stronger alone as well as better integrated.

glass collection of Liane Sebastian LinkedIn: Finally I got my Profile all updated and cleaned up. Checking progress here is a continual preoccupation, but keeping my own information updated is something that needs regularity.


Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer

Please see my profile on LinkedIn.


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