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When watching the stats on my blog readership, there is one page that continues to capture the most hits. Maybe it is due to the keywords I have used. Maybe it is due to my brilliant creativity shining forth. Maybe it is because a lower-tech approach is not lost. Or maybe it is because readers really want to get their hands into paper.

It is time to contemplate what to make for Holiday presents. It is hard to out-do these hand-made calendars I designed a few years ago. So I don’t really try. Some years are more pressed for time than others! Business is always slow in August, so like any good retailer or craftsman does, I am thinking of the holidays in the summer!

As I plan for this year, I have uncovered some additional photos of that productive and popular series and revisit it on my illustration site. These forever calendar gift collages are of photo clippings, so they do fall into the category (albeit somewhat loosely) of illustration. I hope this revisit inspires you to think of crafts for the holidays!

hand craft gifts by Liane Sebastian

Friend Heather and niece Shaina are happy to receive their hand-made calendars. To see more of these projects, please visit my older post “Hand-Craft Gifts: Forever Calendars.”

In looking at these projects and updating the photos on the old entry, I am reminded of why I do projects like this for those I love. Each was a labor of love that took several weeks, working in spurts. The adhesive I used is particularly important: 3M archival sheets of dry mount. By carefully creating paperworks that you want to withstand the test of time, the adhesive is the first consideration because most dry out and the pictures fall off.

hand craft gifts by Liane Sebastian

Sister Jill (assisted by husband Jake) and brother Bob receive their calendars. To see more of these projects, please visit my older post “Hand-Craft Gifts: Forever Calendars.”

As a professional illustrator and designer, getting my hands off the computer sometimes is a refreshing change. If I had more time, I would love to do more of these hand-made projects. The good news is that the designs through these photos can continue to inspire even though the pieces themselves are one-of-a-kind.

The popular old entry shows glimpses of several projects. The photos I offer today show scale and happy recipients. I am proud to show these again. If you would like to see more photos or discuss ideas, please share your comments and feedback. I will be happy to show more images.

In the meantime, after such a spurt of achievement in the handcraft mode, I set myself up for what to do next. I have my thinking cap on for this year. Some idea is marinating back there, ready to surface soon. But when? Only the Creative Muses know!


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