Next Phase Begins with Eyes Open

tools of the trade by Liane Sebastian
Taking on a new publication is a very serious commitment, whether in real life or virtually. It requires the right blend of experience and business foundation that can sustain quality and schedule. Having to attract the multiple constituents of readers, advertisers, contributors, interviewees, and other media, a magazine enterprise is layered. So I know what the right combination of ingredients are needed. It seems that Bowler Business Review has great potential to satisfy all constituents both in-world and out. With the conviction that Second Life® is another business platform with commercial and educational relevance, the magazine seeks to bridge between the two worlds.

Bowler Business Review

Promotional issue features Jetman Bowler on the cover.

Jetman Bowler is the business and financial visionary behind the enterprise. Having invested in SL companies for over two years, he supports the growth of the SL economy. As he increases his holdings, publishing a magazine to help businesses grow is another way to invest in them. Hiring me to create the publication while he takes care of financing it and running the business, I get to do what I do best: create pages.

Bowler Business Review #1

Cover of the first issue features Skip Oceanlane of Capital Exchange.

This month launches the first issue. Containing five articles and fifteen ads, there are almost 150 kiosks around the grid, 240 readers, 400 FaceBook friends, an advertising, and promotional campaign. The second issue is now in production.

Bowler manages the FaceBook pages while I also maintain three blogs:

• PublishingPioneer—focusing this month on cross-platform publishing

• Eleanor Medier, my avatar—that looks at professionalism within a virtual world

• Bowler Business Review—announcing the new magazine and office locations

Profiling virtual business leaders parallels business leaders in the outworld communities. Second Life should really be called Parallel Life—for all entrepreneurs have similar goals, lessons, and ways to leverage wisdom. One can learn from the other.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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