Flowers of Creativity: Virtual Exhibition

Liane Sebastian, illustrationThis month opens the Flowers of Creativity painting show at Sweet Magnolia Center for the Arts in Second Life. Presented in a New Orleans setting, owner Mary Rosella (butterflyrose) has captured the style and spirit of the French Quarter. Paintings by Liane Sebastian (aka avatar Eleanor Medier) offer a greater exploration in the translation of media but also contrast with earlier experiences.

Sweet Magnolia Center for the Arts show

Sweet Magnolia Center for the Arts virtual show of paintings by Liane Sebastian, aka avatar Eleanor Medier. Photo by Netera Landar.

Publishing Pioneer examines what can be learned from exhibitions in various media, highlighting the show at Magnolia.

Eleanor Medier compares real life presentations with virtual, how they adapt to their settings, and how the viewing experience is extended.

Both accent the opening of the new virtual painting show. Encompassing works from almost ten years, there is a progression from the early sketchy first paintings (Appearances or Competition) into the middle works that are primarily of buildings treated as if personalities (Passages or Mind over Matter) to the most recent and most figurative (Geisha or Wish You Were Here). Created for the show, Flowers of Creativity is a fusion of traditional painting with digital manipulation. As previews of what is to come, each real and virtual show are different, capturing both an integrity of media and a sensitivity to setting.
Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer

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