Visually Expressing the Audio

glass collection of Liane SebastianAlways seeking bridges between virtual reality and real life, this month finds me absorbed in music. Designing Matters of Music Magazine and assessing where I am in visual publishing more than absorbs one month! It is said that if you want to learn about a subject, the best way is to write about it; I have been writing a lot this month.

M3 cover

My cover design visually represents the four articles within the magazine that profiles industry leaders

SL at its best is exemplified in the musical art form:

1. There is a greater connection between performer and audience with enhanced communicative features such as IM and Local Chat. At the same time, the audience is international versus local!

2. A community is built between musicians where they support one another by attending each other’s concerts, cross promoting, and dual streaming duets.

3. Performing virtually is so much more convenient than real life performing; there is no travel or equipment schlepping. Other than the musical instruments, the only equipment needed is a computer and some software, with minimal training. Such convenience opens up opportunities for musicians who’s circumstances do not allow full time demanding careers.

Opportunities open up in the virtual world not only for professionals to expand their reach but for amateurs to take themselves seriously. Not that there aren’t some talented amateurs that are worth turning into professionals, the landscape between the two is very blurred in the virtual world. Personality and rapport are greater factors though the geographic distances are unlimited.

Working on M3 Magazine has me evaluating all of my in-world publishing. I examine my working spaces as I consider my next steps. Keeping my real self company with my virtual self, watching Eleanor type on a computer in-world and lean back to think while she gazes at her aquarium is the same there as here. Sometimes the two worlds are so simultaneous, there is no difference.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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