Virtual Opportunity: Gallery Medier

Liane Sebastian, illustrationWhen opportunity knocks, jumping is often a wise strategy. While exploring the new medium of virtual publishing, a designer friend saw some of my real life drawings that I imported into Second Life hanging in my virtual studio. Quite pleased with how the images translated, I have concluded that the change of scale adds to their drama. My friend offered to design a virtual gallery for me to show my artwork! How could I say no?? So I decided to try a path not taken in real life! Although I have shown in several real galleries, I have not been a gallery dealer. So this seems like an interesting compliment to my other projects, offering a fun experiment. Gallery Medier (named after my avatar Eleanor Medier) opened with a show of my drawings.


Virtual opening at Gallery Medier.

Mounting twenty-three drawings into a show, we listed the opening in Events Calendars and invited friends on a Sunday afternoon. A large evolving group of avatars from around the world shared virtual champagne and enjoyed discussing the drawings. And enough were sold to pay virtual overhead for the next six months! A good time was had by all.

Drawings gain drama by changing scale.

Using virtual reality as a disply medium seems best as a place to experiment, build prototypes, and build an international audience. Ultimately there needs to be real life relevance to projects there to build any kind of economic foundation to sales. But as a way of reaching a whole new communicative arena, Second Life spot lights cultural concerns and idioms. To many, English is a second language and the United States is a foreign place. To compare and contrast with perspectives from around this country and then the globe is an opportunity to fantastic to miss. True to the percentages withing Second Life as a whole, those who came to the opening were about half American and half from everywhere else.


Gallery and garden float on their own island in Second Life.

Now the gallery can integrate publications that tie into the exhibit, offering a greater integrative platform. Display design and publication design support one another and are strongest when content overlaps. Promotion for the gallery can lead to the books and vice versa.

Please see my newer blog about virtual creativity.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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