Launching Inworld Publishing

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Discovering the new rules of publishing within a virtual world puts my feet on the floor in the morning! However, it is bewildering is to be in a world where most people are there for recreation and have created a very fluid and transient society. The birth of many media have their origins in entertainment, such as radio and television. But the interactivity actually forms communities, relationshiops, politics, connections, drama, etc.— all the things that happen when people are put together!

Firmly convinced that virtual reality is a medium to blend with websites, blogs, pdfs, wikis, print, etc., few people bridge between real life and second life very well. Therein lies the challenge to me: how to make the medium relevant in relation to the others. How to find what gifts it can add to the creative pallette. How do the principles of real life marketing and sales play out in a virtual world? And perhaps most importantly, why are ppl there?

The good news is many are there to learn and to be creative. So the launching of Idea Initiator is my newest passion. It wraps into and builds upon my blog of that title, has a print book version, and now has an inworld version. I have done real life discussion groups as pilots and have been happy with the resultss, running one of them for three years.

Idea Initiator inworld book cover

Book cover for the inworld version of the Idea Initiator.

Now, to try this idea in a virtual world is irresistible. The book is now publishing inword and ready to start marketing. It is impertaive that I creae a series of three so that it can build and cross sell and get discussion groups going. A new adventure awaits me on my computer screen each day!

Inworld book

Idea Initiator is read by my avatar in Second Life.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer




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