Fiber Revisited

creative cultivationVacillating between high tech and high touch, this fall I return to crafts for my annual race to Christmas. Having obtained a reputation to uphold, family and friends have come to expect creative gifts from me.

Since I spend the majority of my professional work hours on the computer, it is nice to do something tactile. Hence, I am rediscovering fiber arts and have inventoried my materials. Here is a contribution to my visual blog around my glass theme. (Please see how I developed my themes at “Creative Blog Headers” that describes the beginning.)  I hope you enjoy it and check back for the results of this fuzzy frenzy!

yarn through glass

fall brings new and old media together

This theme continues to grow and hopefully inspires theme development of your own.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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One Response to “Fiber Revisited”

  1. wisdomofwork Says:

    These orb photos are really tricky to shoot. This one with the yarn took me about four hours to get right! It reminds me of the gnome that keeps popping up places–I think Travelosity has capitalized on that one. This is somewhere between a symbol and a mascot.

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