Overcome Adversity

flower theme by Liane Sebastian
One of the most inspiring and supportive women that I worked with on my book is Debi Davis who blends business skill with health issues. Always a moving-target both professionally and personally, Debit knows how to keep change on the side of the positive. I asked her how she always turns adversity to advantage:

Overcome Adversity
by Debi Davis, founder and president of Fit America, author,
and contributor to Women who Win at Work

Most of us do not really know what heights we are capable of achieving until we run out of the option to simply keep coasting through life with blinders on. There comes a turning point in times of adversity when you must make the decision to either overcome problems, or let problems overcome you. Maintaining the knowledge and belief in your ability to be an ‘over-comer’ provides its own strength and will usually put a new perspective on the challenge. Here is what I’ve learned in changing my life at a crucial point:

flower theme by Liane SebastianSee the problem for what it is. No more, and no less. Challenges are difficult enough without blowing them out of proportion.

flower theme by Liane SebastianKeep emotions out of the equation. Emotions get in the way of problem-solving. To be effective in your decision making, you need to act wisely and with facts, not feelings.

flower theme by Liane SebastianIdentify ‘worst case’ and ‘best case’ scenarios. When you identify the worst thing that can happen in a situation, it will give you the power to move forward and away from any undesired result.

flower theme by Liane SebastianCreate a plan of action. What must take place in order to be assured your ‘worst case’ scenario is not a reality? What challenges need to be overcome for your ‘best case’ outcome to be achieved? Answer these and begin.

Learning that you can take control of your own destiny is a very empowering
realization. It makes you recognize many attributes you may have hidden and repressed over the years. Adversity, with all its upset and frustrations, can be a gift that helps you see what an amazing and courageous individual you are. Embrace that gift. When you do, life becomes limitless.

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Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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