Creativity and Confidence

creative cultivation
Although confidence can’t make up for lack of talent, it can compensate for all other deficiencies or deficits. It never ceases to amaze me that women, in general, have a confidence crisis. They might as well put a cork in their bottle of creativity!

How do these two qualities interlink so decisively? How is it so easy to see who will achieve their goals and who won’t? Confidence is the starting gate. To step up to any challenge means choosing to embark in a journey—even if it is a race around a track though starting with a limp. But it is more than perseverance. It puts legs under perseverance.

Confidence is a lubricant for the joints of all activity. It is so linked to creativity because belief in self is a belief in the originality of ideas. Belief that a dream can be real.

Unlike most women, I grew up in a family that never put limitations on my activities or plans. The motto was: “You can do anything you want if you set your mind to do it and are willing to work hard.” Many of my ancestral women owned businesses, were artists, and well educated. How is confidence built and how can readers—both make and female—tap into this powerful resource?

glass collection of Liane SebastianTap pioneering spirit. Perhaps courage and curiosity are stimulants to confidence. Asking questions and seeking answers establishes inquiry and a momentum of constant learning.

glass collection of Liane SebastianUse big picture thinking. Shy people tend to bee too self-pre-occupied and limit thinking about causes greater than themselves. Confidence stems from forgetting self and focusing on situations and circumstances.

glass collection of Liane SebastianAchieve an emotional connection. Confident people are passionate about their interests. The more educated they are in their filed of inquiry, the more thy build inner resources. If they don’t attain a formal education, they attain an informal one.

glass collection of Liane SebastianPractice role playing. Not everyone feels confident all the time and in every environment. For those times when the knees shake and the voice quivers, strong posture, deep breaths, and imagining the desired behavior can do a lot for reaching it.

glass collection of Liane SebastianContinue belief in potential. No one embarks on dead-end streets if they know there is no outlet. Confidence finds detours. The possible reward or result inspires perseverance.

glass collection of Liane SebastianDemand expectations. Dissatisfaction is powerful. Belief in better circumstances propels more creativity than any other stimulant. Being easily satisfied will effectively pop the balloon of improvement.

glass collection of Liane SebastianBuild stamina. Staying with any idea until the end is the hardest part of creative development. The easiest part is to get distracted into another project without finishing the first. It takes all the confidence possible to keep the faith towards completion.

glass collection of Liane SebastianMake the choice. Not to say that unconfident people lack creativity, I will submit that they impose their own limits upon it.

If we are half nature and half nurture and are born with an inherent self-doubt, it will be harder to achieve than someone born with a sense of being special. Although everyone needs doubts for reality-checking, without a foundation of “I can do it” underneath, confidence needs to be cultivated.

Also see “Build Business Confidence” and “Confidence: A Woman’s Challenge” that further explore issues of the confidence crisis.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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