Build Business Confidence

flower theme by Liane Sebastian
Although my strength is in creativity where risk-taking is essential and chronic, taking risks is also a woman’s issue. This is because building confidence is endemic. Confidence in business mirrors personal confidence—stepping up to leadership or defining new ideas.

All of the women who excel in work have confidence derived from passion. Marti Barletta understands how to build this make-it or break-it quality.

Confidence Is as Confidence Does by Martha Barletta, contributor to Women who Win at Work

Confidence comes naturally if you believe in what you do. But when starting out, few have this advantage. Yet you have to be outstanding to get ahead because there are not enough promotions for everyone. Even so, if you act like you believe in yourself more than you do, you can actually grow to be more confident! Men are taught to act more assured than they are. Any sign of lacking is a sign of weakness—they follow the “fake it till you make it” concept. It even becomes circular: confidence grows with practice and, most importantly, with conviction. Then there comes a point where you break through your self-doubts and feel as confident as you act. Here are ideas to accelerate this process:

flower theme by Liane SebastianAct how you want to be treated. The way you act and the way you are treated are interwoven. The way you act is sometimes the way you think of yourself, and sometimes not. Women prefer to act authentically. But you aren’t going to be treated the way you want if you don’t act that way first.

flower theme by Liane SebastianExpress your ideas decisively. Don’t reveal more than necessary. When a stressed client asks a male executive to make a deadline, the executive exclaims, “we can absolutely get it done!” The woman executive exclaims, “Well, I’m not sure. It depends—perhaps if we prioritize and get it figured out in stages.” She sees her response as honest and the man’s response as dishonest. The client perceives her response as saying, “No, we can’t make the deadline.” Perhaps once the male executive gets into the project, he returns with concessions and priorities. Then he is perceived as helpful. His attitude says, “I will manage the situation,” and does not expose his uncertainties. People (particularly men) lose faith in women because they perceive her form of honesty as being ineffective and undependable. Pat Heim coined how women are hurt by being “compulsively confessional.”

flower theme by Liane SebastianBuild from your resources. Confidence grows with opportunity and experience. When young, insecurities and doubts inhibit decisions. Conviction may or may not be self-generated. It might come from a mentor’s suggestion. It might come from rising to an unexpected challenge or opportunity (such as heading a spin-off business). It might come because someone else believes that you can go off into new challenges. Such advice can be career transforming!

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