Idea Incubator earns identity

glass collection of Liane Sebastian
For those of you who have been following this Idea Incubator series (new installment weekly), by response, strategy, and design, it seems better to spin off into its own blog-pub: Idea Initiators.

As a self-seminar, it is a stand-alone project that uses the blog technology in new ways. Contained and focused, the presented 24 Idea Incubators have been enhanced and are worth a revisit. There will also be new features, links, and connections—all targeted to developing creativity.

As a lifelong study, creativity to me represents the best of humanness. However, examine the lives of creative people, and you discover that there is a price to pay. Tradeoffs are required.  Deep dedication and conviction are necessary for survival.

It can often seem that the world conspires against having the freedom to spend time pursuing dreams. Even Ben Franklin understood the pressures of professionalism: he “retired” by selling his printing business so he had the time and freedom to pursue scientific studies. Few of us wish to wait that long—we integrate creative activities in amongst commissions, engagements, and projects.

The Idea Incubator series can inspire original thinking and further integration. It can help set up an environment that will work for development.

Project Plan
Although I am creatively altruistic, alas the messiness of life costs money. So my strategy is to offer one half of this self-seminar workbook online for free and the other half for purchase.

The Idea Initiator project started as a print book; I did some test sales and discussion sessions. Then I converted the material from print to the blog as a draft. The self-seminar can evolve further, so the blog/e-book blend offers flexibility and a chance for others to contribute.

Thanks for your readership and I hope that you find the new version even more inspiring!

Please continue to follow this series in its new home, Idea Initiators.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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