Personal Collaboration

creative cultivationThere’s a benefit in being multi talented: the project can vary widely. It means flexibility and always learning. This is a drawing summer for me—doing plant illustrations for sand-blasted windows. This silhouette that I created will appear frosted on clear glass and will ultimately hang at the University of Wisconsin new student center in Madison, WI.

One of my best referrals ever, the project is a creation of Jill Sebastian (my sister), which adds dimension to the client/designer relationship. Working with family can be risky. It seems the “learning experiences” of those I query outweigh the success stories. But when I study my family history, back in the generations as well as current, the Sebastians demonstrate prosperous collaborations where the whole is stronger than the parts. So doing business with family adds a new dimension to my career. Working on the illustrations is inspiring when dreaming about light through glass: the drawings get converted to a variety of applications in Jill’s design. Here is the one I am currently completing:

drawing by Liane Sebastian

Jill will take the drawings and use them as a theme on doors, windows, and walls. Sometimes backgrounds for collaged elements, sometimes layered, and sometimes flat like silkscreen, the prairie theme holds the entire installation environment together. I am honored to contribute my talents and will report on progress as well as promote Jill’s ongoing progress.

Also see “Win/Win Collaborations“.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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