Priorities to promote strengths

flower theme by Liane Sebastian
It is more effective to bolster our strengths in business than to reform our weaknesses (the best we can do is to compensate for them). But what we are strong doing is not always the way we spend most of our time! If our priorities are not in sync with our strengths, we are never going to feel that we are doing a good job. Gratification, rewards, a sense of accomplishment only happens when we lose ourselves in our work, when we do what we find joyful. The only defense against being sidetracked by non-priority items is to keep this link sacred.

In researching the best women business authors, I came upon these encouraging words.* Tie priorities to strengths with ideas from those who know best:


flower theme by Liane Sebastian“You lose power when you are involved in activities not connected to your passion. Pause to ensure that your priorities are in order. Optimize talents by focusing on your strengths and neutralizing your weaknesses. If you aren’t clear about who you are and what you want, no one else will be either.”
—Trudy Bourgeois, Her Corner Office


flower theme by Liane Sebastian“When you see the higher service in your work, you will bring a spiritual dimension, understanding, appreciation, and code of ethics to what you do at work every single day!”
—Susan and Larry Terkel, Small Change


flower theme by Liane Sebastian“Set up a business plan for your life. A plan forces you to think about what you truly want. Write a personal plan based on the segments of a traditional one.”
—Aliza Sherman, Power Tools for Women in Business


flower theme by Liane Sebastian“There are times when it is helpful to set goals, and other times when it is best to let go for a while and just see where life takes you. Goals help us gain clarity, inspiration, and focus. However, they can also work against us if we hold onto them too tightly, or try too hard to make them happen. Let the higher creative power handle the details and your inner guidance show you the way.”
—Shakti Gawain, Creating True Prosperity


flower theme by Liane Sebastian“Make sure you have at least one task or appointment each day that moves you toward a bigger goal, or else the scenery will never change.”
—Liz Davenport, Order from Chaos: a 6-Step Plan for Organizing Yourself, Your Office, and Your Life


flower theme by Liane Sebastian“The person who has built on her wins has mastered the art of training, strategy, and getting the right people in her corner. She forms fight plans and sticks with them. After every risk, she honestly evaluates. A narrow win affords a chance to reevaluate and improve for the next bout.”
—Jackie Kallen, Hit Me with Your Best Shot


flower theme by Liane Sebastian
“Work on what is important and get that perfect. Only by doing or creating significant work can women break the mold of being nurturers who can always be counted on for the grunt work.”

—Janice Reals Ellig and William J. Morin, What Every Successful Woman Knows


flower theme by Liane Sebastian
“Leadership in time management requires you to:
(1) figure out what matters most,
(2) empower yourself and others to accomplish those important objectives,
(3) remove obstacles to their accomplishment, and
(4) eliminate procrastination. Ask, ‘what ideas, projects, and programs—if implemented now—would significantly impact the profitability or productivity of my staff or organization!”
—Laura Stack, Leave the Office Earlier


Every morning I review priorities. Fearing decisions that waste time, create detours, or avoid the most pressing tasks are very easy traps to fall into. Especially when working alone. Partnership offers a continuous reality-check prior to committing resources in the wrong directions. However, pioneering publishing initiatives, I am bound to discover what does not work in amongst what does. Having no patience for what doesn’t, I can only hope such words of wisdom help you in your initiatives.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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