Idea Incubator 17: Passion Rules


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Don’t waste time on ideas that you think will be popular but where you lack the deepest conviction. It is astounding how many people feel they must do what is lucrative over what is soul-satisfying. There is no project that can be sustained without passion. Commitment is more important than talent, innovation, or finances.

Money and art have a symbiotic relationship. Though filled with friction (see recent blog), they need each other. If there were no aesthetics, money would have hollow influence. If there were no money, art would have no editor. How you invest your resources is the best gauge of potential growth.

Susan Davis, who applies creativity to the financial industry (as well as her eco-leading lifestyle), says:

“Invest around your values to earn financial returns at market rates plus social and environmental dividends.”
—Susan Davis, contributor to Women who Win at Work

Putting money where your mouth is consistency, Match your actions with your beliefs:

• Define your top values in each of these areas:

• How do you invest resources in each of these areas?

• How does each investment reflect your values?

• List current action and one idea for improvement:

• What activity for improvement has the greatest potential?

• What is the first step that you can take?

Most artists make their greatest investment in time spent on creative production. This is probably the biggest reason that artists on the whole don’t make much money. Those who believe in being a rock star have no understanding of the terrain. To excel both financially and artistically is, unfortunately, rare. So the motivation has to be more than dreams of stardom. Or narcissistic gratification.

Investment, the most serious of our career choices, is our roadmap. They say if you want to see your future, look at your friends. If you want to see your potential, look at your investments. (Mine is in my creative endeavors—if wealth is measured in intellectual property, I am one of the wealthiest people I know!)

Like most artists, what I do matters more to me than how much money I make. Yet it is the economic necessity of paying bills that sharpens the creative pencil—to be very careful about where I spend time and money. Hopefully I am making the best choices. Perhaps some of these ideas will inspire you to make yours.

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Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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