Winter Glass

creative cultivationMuch of creativity is looking at the same things in new ways. The visual blog is a new parameter that gets me up in the morning! What does ‘visual blog’ mean? Developing images that can carry along the experience and personality of the site.

Whereas here I have developed a visual theme and variation for each column—unique yet united—the overall character I wish to portray is conceptually adventurous. In this column, I share the fantastic inspiration I receive from my glass collection. Each is like a mini-world—swirling with color, shapes, and drama. Three of them are crystal—completely reflective. I’ve photographed the largest one to express winter—which we are quickly losing! (As a cross-country skier, I lament its passing.) My love of winter is expressed in this photograph. Though I chose a rather bleak day for the shot, the conditions sharpen the contrast between snow and plants in my garden:
winter glass by Liane Sebastian

Each glass orb has mystery. Visitors who see my collection often start gathering their own. It took me about 15 years to build up to the 50 I have; perhaps every glass artist in the region is represented on my table! Then I have several from Asia and a very large one that is over 200 years old that I found in New Orleans. They each reflect a personality and as a group, even more so. They are perfect to demonstrate my concept of theme development.

Enjoy the Winter Glass photo that enhances my “Creative Cultivation” theme.

How do you look at the same things in new ways?

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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2 Responses to “Winter Glass”

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