Idea Incubator 5: Choosing Change

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This series has spun off into its own blog-pub, Idea Initiators. It is updated, polished and expanded. As a self-seminar, it is guaranteed to improve your focus, leveraging, and originality.

glass collection of Liane Sebastian
Ideas are nurtured by context and questions. Idea Incubator is an experimental self-seminar, like an online workbook. This series is to enhance ideas or help you develop new ones.

Installments are based on discussions with exemplary professionals—all invited because of their wisdom. Then I crafted the best quotations, giving you the essence and ways to explore the topic further through short downloadable articles.

See the developing series of Idea Incubators.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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    […] or use risks to advantage. #4: “Master Things to Do” Organize and prioritize strategy. #5: “Choosing Change” Insert flexibility and perspective into plans. #6: “Is Creativity a Luxury?” Decide how […]

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