Decision Dynamics

flowers by Liane SebastianJanuary is a good time to polish operations. Always seeking to maximize time use, whenever I find cumbersome technologies, irritating time-robbers, or wasted research, I try to find a way out of the quicksand. Decisions, as I learned from working with Marilyn Miglin, are facilitated by organization and advanced preparation. Setting the stage to make a decision means knowing your optimum process.

flowers by Liane Sebastian“Organize your environment to streamline your ability to make decisions. The sooner you make a decision, the sooner you can move on to something else and not waste energy agonizing.”
—Marilyn Miglin, cosmetic, skin care, and fragrance entrepreneur, civic leader, philanthropist, and contributor to Women who Win at Work

Here are journaling questions that have helped me to define considerations to lubricate business progress:
• Describe your decision-making style or pattern. Are you a perfectionist or more relaxed when making decisions? How does each style enhance or limit your results?
• Do you procrastinate when making important decisions? If so, examine some examples of how it has affected your efficiency.
• What habit causes you to waste the most time (such as looking for misplaced objects)?
• Identify any helpful techniques that you use in the organized areas of your life. Can you apply those techniques to your unorganized areas?
• How might you alter your environment to blend your decision-making abilities?
• How does your decision-making style mesh with others in your work or home environments?
• What advisors or resources have helped you make and implement faster, more effective decisions?
• What advice has helped you guard against post-decision remorse?
• How have your decision-making skills evolved over time?”

There is a big difference between collaborating on decisions (with clients), making them solo (entrepreneurial), or with partners (roommates). This blog focuses on business, and I have always found collaborations easier than going solo. So having a support structure is essential.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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