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We all learn as we go along. This blog is new so building its visibility is yet another project. Here are my current tasks. Perhaps you can use this list to aid in your own blog or site progress:

tools of the trade by Liane SebastianInspire others to contribute.
I thought communications were restyled by email; now there are those who do and those who don’t blog. Of the 35 contributors to my book, these have blogs:
Leslie Grossman explores issues that affect women in business
Marti Barletta follows women’s buying trends
• Rieva Lesonsky focuses on entrepreneurialism, marketing, and business trends

tools of the trade by Liane SebastianEngage in and promote favorite blogs. Because I am fascinated by blog design, look for more on this topic. Of the hundreds of blogs I’ve looked at, I return to about 30, and comment on half of those. I have only found a handful that are truly exciting.

tools of the trade by Liane SebastianSetup Technorati ranking. Optimization is time-consuming. I’ve registered this blog with a lot of search engines, learning that it takes three to four months to get noticed by them. Once that happens, all the work in optimization can be rewarded by results and audience building experiments.

tools of the trade by Liane SebastianPrepare Google Business page. Like dominating books and products, Google wants its share of the blogosphere. Who doesn’t?

tools of the trade by Liane SebastianExpand Amazon. This is another universe to explore. It has to be customized for each user/customer. Already an affiliate online, I’m concerns about my author page, selling e-books, and promotion.
That’s six things to do. Mary Kay wrote that a professional reasonably can get six things accomplished in one day. But I think this list will take at lease six days!

What ways do you participate in or promote blogs?
How can we help each other?

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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One Response to “Blast the Blog”

  1. wisdomofwork Says:

    Twitter is great for announcements but in between, as projects develop, there are quiet times too. For a heavy producer like me, it is easy to schedule too many events, and then I don’t get enough work done. So I question the idea of regularly being followed. I’m a publisher, not a performer. With two wide-audience articles about to be published, that will be worth tweeting about. Stay tuned.–Liane

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