Creative Blog Headers

tool theme for publishingpioneer

Working within the blog technology, I want to push the parameters. Visual identifiers are key on the web—big in icons, less strong on themes. So I took on the challenge: how to get the four categories on this blog to have visual distinction and tie into my blog themes—and reflect my personality. As a consummate collector, the visual answer was around me. What inspires me?

Theme for Publishing Pioneer:

Using the opposite of high technology: basic tools of the trade, I reflect on creating new uses for existing resources. See the top of this blog for my visual category theme. I shot these photos for a University of Chicago Graham School course catalog.

desk of Liane Sebastian

The above photo shows where I am sitting as I write this blog—with my tools all around me.

glass collection of Liane Sebastian

Theme for Cultivating Creativity:

glass collection of Liane Sebastian

Collecting glass paperweights is a serious preoccupation of mine—I have about fifty of them, sitting on a tea table in my living room where they can catch indirect light from a window. Whenever I travel, I look for them, and if I find one that fits my abstract parameters, I schlep it home to join the collection.

flower theme by Liane Sebastian

Theme for Women who Win at Work:

Liane's garden

Matching my book theme of flowers (Women who Win at Work), I have photographed them in all seasons. My office looks over my garden, which is an inspiration in any weather at any time of year! Here is a photo entering my back garden with the vegetables on the left and flowers on the right. The purple chive border is both.

business barometer by Liane Sebastian

Theme for Business Barometer:

owl collection of Liane Sebastian

This is the fourth category that I am about to introduce. My small collection of owls is appropriate as a visual because the owl concept inspired this blog. I have eight little owl statues shown here and you will see them as an identifying border. See the four new designs below.

If you have a collection you’d like to share that inspires you visually, it will be great to do some show and tell!

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer

tool theme for publishingpioneer

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2 Responses to “Creative Blog Headers”

  1. Fiber Revisited « Wisdomofwork's Blog Says:

    […] to my visual blog around my glass theme. (Please see how I developed my themes at “Creative Blog Headers” that describes the beginning.)  I hope you enjoy it and check back for the results of this […]

  2. wisdomofwork Says:

    The owl theme hasn’t been used yet. I am redesigning it. But if you view my website at you will see a great expansion of my theme designs. Hopefully you will get ideas to help you develop your own.

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