Prioritize to Pursue Potential

flower theme by Liane Sebastian
The economic eyes are upon us. It was encouraging to women in business when Tom Peters noticed us and partnered with Marti Barletta to write Trends in 2005. Magazines continue to recognize the power of women’s influence on business. For example, Entrepreneur magazine now has WomenEntrepreneur. Workingwomen have gained majority in the workforce.

Before mentioning Marcus Buckingham in my last entry, I hadn’t visited his work for a while. I checked his website to see what he has been doing lately. So discovering his focus on women was a jolt! He writes about “excess of choice” for women and concludes that such freedom does not equate to “happiness.” Although I feel this excess deeply, the answer to handling it is simple: prioritize. It ensures survival in a chaotic environment. And happiness? That’s is based on other considerations.

Buckingham’s conclusion about balance agrees with mine and those of my contributors: it doesn’t exist. Rieva Lesonsky described it well for my book:

“You can do everything you want to do, but you can’t do it all at the same time! If you can shift the percentages of what is important, you will achieve all of your goals. Choose your pace. How you grow your business is within your control. Concentrate on activities that will help your business the most.” —Rieva Lesonsky, author and entrepreneur, excerpted from Women who Win at Work

Investigating a non-entrepreneurial business larger than mine, I discussed the myth of balance with Linda Listrom, who also contributed to my book:

“Business has defined rules that must be considered against personal needs. Success means making the rules work for you rather than against you.” —Linda Listrom, partner at Jenner & Block

Please share your ideas for making the rules work for you. Although different for entrepreneurs versus employees, we all are in more control of our schedules and our focus than we think.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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