Sharpen Creativity

flower theme by Liane Sebastian
Creativity is a hot buzz word—a kind of Holy Grail because it is through great ideas that fortunes are born. Everyone wants to be creative, but few know how to acquire it, harness it, and apply it to profitable ventures. Being creative entails risk, courage, and investment. So how can we develop the best judgment to ignite both our resources and our talents?

I’ve always felt that creativity is both a blessing and a curse. If we are talented and don’t use it, we are haunted by “what if’s.” If we do use it, every decision and every business advance depends on its cultivation and excellence. So I asked creative professionals for advice on keeping ideas sharp:

flower theme by Liane Sebastian “Start with your own desires. Invent what you need to address a grievance, right a wrong, add a convenience, or address a confusion. You and yours become your model.” —Andrea March, co-founder of Women’s Leadership Exchange

flower theme by Liane Sebastian “Solutions are creative when the process to arrive at them blends not-so-uncommon ingredients. Creativity is problems solving, acting on the unexpected, and hard work. Exercising it regularly, it becomes a habit.”
—Jill Sebastian, public arts specialist and educator

flower theme by Liane Sebastian “Each gardener decides what is a weed and what is a flower. Cultivation is not only elimination, it is also regard for what the creative process brings forward. Spending time to appreciate what is in your garden creates enthusiasm and motivates the ENTIRE creative process.”
—Judith Anderson, business development consultant and author

flower theme by Liane Sebastian “Changing the configuration of your viewpoint often cuts through the haze of having no ideas. You’ve heard tales of inventions that were actually mistakes or the result of a hair brain scheme. Experiment and watch the solution appear! Allow your intuitive messages to help you and they will.”
—Gail McMeekin, psychotherapist, career coach, and author

flower theme by Liane Sebastian “Brainstorming on a schedule is undependable. The activities of wandering and wondering stimulate good ideas that can seem to appear ‘out of the blue.’”
—Suzanne Falter-Barns, motivational author and speaker

What methods do you use for sharpening your creativity?

See other ideas in Women who Win at Work.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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2 Responses to “Sharpen Creativity”

  1. Betty Butler Says:

    When facing a challenging situation, I turn it over to the universe, visualize the various solutions, and discuss the possibilities with trusted confidants.
    Betty Butler – painter and digital artist

  2. Creativity with No Time and No Money « Wisdomofwork's Blog Says:

    […] “Sharpen Creativity” blog with suggestions for freshening viewpoint. […]

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