Extend the Holiday Vision: Best Quotations for Gratitude

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The spirit now is one of giving. I actually work towards this season all year! It makes me feel grateful and inspired—a special design challenge. Graphically sensitive people have a particular pressure because cards, wrapping—even the gifts themselves—are all visual assignments that can use materials we know well. Much like a chef, hours can go into creations that take minutes to consume! What lasts are the feelings (and maybe the photos). I like the planning and thinking of those I love with every scissor cut or mouse click. At the core of these feelings is gratitude—love put into every snip and piece of tape.
Loving to make gifts, doing so is also economical. Now, after a very tough year for business, only half of those I love are doing well economically. Yet we are all healthy and have much to be grateful for!
Diving into my quotation collection, I want like to share my favorites about gratitude and endurance. I hope that they inspire yours:

“Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come.”
—Chinese Proverb

“May you live all the days of your life.”
—Jonathan Swift, 1730

“Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.”
—Euripides, 428 BC

“The one law that does not change is that everything changes, and the hardship I was bearing today was only a breath away from the pleasures I would have tomorrow, and those pleasures would be all the richer because of the memories of this I was enduring.”
—Louis L’Amour, 1980

“We need greater virtues to bear good fortune than bad.”
—Francois de la Rochefoucauld, 1670

“Having only coarse food to eat, plain water to drink, and a bent arm for a pillow, one can still find happiness therein.”
—Confucius, 460 BC

“Whatever is happening to us, we feel that it will always happen this way. If we are having hard times, we feel they will last forever. If things are going well, we think this will last forever. But neither ever lasts; it is only our perception that it will.”
—Michael Waitsman, 1994

“This, too, shall pass.”
—William Shakespeare, 1600

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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