Impatient for Better Editing!

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Examining blogs as a format, my pet peeve list can’t help but grow. This is the landscape of amateurs. So the mistakes of beginners is painfully obvious to a publishing professional:

1. Bad editing predominates—primarily content is filled with fluff that obscures the main points
2. Blog Monitors are neglectful—you should filter out the ‘thank you’ comments and the ‘I agree with you’ comments. If you need testimonials, collect them and use them separately. They bog down the significant responses.
3. Write shorter—most blogs are too long. If it takes more than one screen scroll, no one will read the whole thing. People don’t read, they skim. Don’t lose your main points in a sea of grey!
4. Make comments easy to find—invite the reader to respond. Often an article and a blog look the same. Not all articles invite comments. But all blogs should.
5. Write to a single topic—break up content. Many blogs bring up many subjects that dilute the point. The goal is to examine discussable issues that are easy to understand.

So I have collected several blogs that I think are well done, well-trafficked, easy to understand, and engaging. These are my current favorites:



Sharpen your pencil!


Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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One Response to “Impatient for Better Editing!”

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