Articles of Wisdom Applied

Always pushing the boundaries, I want to see how much I can work with the simplest technology. All my writing strives to capture and make accessible the best business ideas. Based on the body of knowledge, articles are developed from:
• inspired interviews with accomplished professionals
• innovative authors
• collected quotations.
Through blending expertise in design, publishing, and business, I am always crafting articles. Here are some of the ones I am most proud of:

• “Cast the Net Wide: Make the Most of Your Promotional Time and Resources” explores marketing ideas to exploit your ‘low hanging fruit.’ Published by Women on Business.
• “Switching Hats: The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Test” describes the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs. Published by National Association of Women Business Owners.

WISE WOMEN SERIES: collaborations with authors:
#1: “Nurture Creativity,” (PDF) by Gail McMeekin
#2: “Compete from Strengths,” (PDF) by Marti Barletta
#3: “Let Go to Balance,” (PDF)  by Linda Listrom
#4: “How Not to be Overwhelmed,” (PDF) by Marilyn Miglin
#5: “Maintain Vitality,” (PDF) by Debi Davis

• “Philosopher of Business,” (PDF) portrays Jim Beré, brilliant businessman, philanthropist, civic leader, and former chairman of the Borg Warner Corporation. The design explores the depth of the PDF format.
• “Give to Get,” (PDF) collects ideas from contributors who demonstrate the wisdom in generosity. Using Acrobat features to present an extended page, this experimental design establishes a new format approach.
• “Strategic Strengths” presents lessons learned from top writings in making the most optimum business moves.

Also published: Women who Win at Work.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer


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